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Keith D’Agostino


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Keith D’Agostino’s career in the financial sector exemplifies a journey marked by dedication, expertise, and integrity. Starting his professional path at 21, he quickly advanced to the prominent Senior Managing Director Financial Advisor position, reflecting nearly three decades of unwavering commitment to the industry. His comprehensive understanding of financial regulations, evidenced by his acquisition of significant industry licenses such as Series 7, 63, and 24, underscores his dedication to professional excellence and ethical standards.

An alumnus of Hofstra University in New York, he earned his BBA degree, demonstrating academic excellence and leadership potential. His upbringing in a culturally rich Italian-American family in New York gave him a broad perspective that significantly influenced his professional and personal life.

In his professional role, he is renowned for his robust ethical standards and client-centric philosophy. His adept handling of the finance industry’s complexities has garnered him respect, client loyalty, and admiration from his peers, establishing him as a trusted advisor.

Beyond his professional achievements, he is deeply committed to his family. He effectively balances his intensive career with his roles as a devoted husband and father to five children, reflecting his belief in the importance of personal fulfillment alongside professional success.

His passion for sports, particularly baseball, extends beyond personal interests, translating into his commitment to coaching young athletes for over a decade. He imparts sports skills and life lessons in discipline, teamwork, and resilience in this role.

Furthermore, his involvement with the East Woods School board as a member and treasurer underscores his commitment to education and community service. These roles demonstrate his dedication to positively impacting society and his belief in the transformative power of education.

Keith’s story is an inspiring example of achieving professional success while leading a fulfilling personal life. His journey exemplifies a unique blend of financial expertise, family devotion, community involvement, and ethical leadership, serving as an inspirational model for those seeking a balanced and impactful life.

Keith D'Agostino



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