About Me

An experienced financial advisor, an extraordinary leader, and a treasured father and husband – Keith D’Agostino’s biography characterizes an unyielding journey of resilience, relentless pursuit of professionalism, and a life dedicated to leadership.

Early Years and Academics

Born and raised in the vibrant state of New York, he grew up with a rich linguistic hypothesis, a testament to his first-generation Italian family. His dedication to academics and passion for extracurricular activities set him apart from his young days. He is a proud alumnus of Chaminade High School and Hofstra University, where he exhibited both leadership and professionalism. He attained his BBA degree in an astonishing span of three years, establishing the strength of his perseverance and commitment.

Career Pinnacle

As a focused 21-year-old, he stepped onto a career path in the financial industry and has since been relentless in his contributions. In the highly unpredictable finance world, his professionalism and leadership skills have been the guiding lights of his journey. Today, he is a revered Senior Managing Director Financial Advisor with an impressive array of licenses in the industry – Series 7, 63, and 24. In his nearly three-decade-long career, he has served with unwavering ethics and a client-centric approach, reinforcing his clients’ faith and loyalty.

Family and Personal Life

Off his professional realm, Keith is a loving husband celebrating a decade of marital bliss this year and a doting father to five beautiful children. He regards these roles as the essence of his life, adding a delightful edge to his dynamic personality.

Sports Enthusiast and Community Leader

His passion for sports, particularly baseball, has remained constant. His early fascination with the sport led him to play, and his cherished takeaways have been the thrill of the competitive nature and the joy of watching games. For over a decade, he has been a committed baseball coach, mentoring young talents, imbuing in them the love for the sport and the virtues of hard work, discipline, and teamwork.

Society and Philanthropy

D’agostino uses his leadership abilities not just within his professional purview but also in his contributions to society. As a member of the East Woods School board of trustees and has treasured the school for three years, his involvement has been an extrapolation of his profound love for education and his zeal to make a difference. Through his endeavors, he has positively impacted and contributed to the community that has groomed him.

In a few years, he will complete 30 years in the financial industry, a significant professional milestone. As he gears up for this, he continues to stride with the same commitment, perseverance, and dedication that has characterized his journey.

Keith D’Agostino’s life presents a beautiful exemplar of unwavering professionalism and exceptional leadership. His journey mirrors the depth of his character and his unyielding commitment to every role he plays—be it as an experienced financial advisor, a devoted father, a committed sports coach, or a steadfast community leader. He is set to reap the rewards of a richly lived life, ever ready to shape an even brighter future.

Keith D'Agostino